Our Purpose

At Treptor, we are on a mission to support aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs to be successful. 

Treptor is at the heart of supporting entrepreneurs to successfully start a new business and grow their existing business, in order to leverage the many new opportunities in the digital economy that we live in and support the economic imperative of developing more entrepreneurs and small and mediums businesses, in order to create employment and stimulate the economy.

The digital economy has created a new world for us and has brought about many new opportunities and customer needs. A myriad of new business opportunities has been created and many more will evolve.

It is an economic imperative in most countries to nurture and grow more small and medium businesses to create employment and stimulate the economy.

Starting, growing and sustaining a successful business is challenging. The failure rate of businesses is high in most markets across the world, so support to succeed is a necessity.


Treptor has been founded by Kamal Patel based on his passion for digital transformation, innovation, and taking business ideas and turning them into reality.

His diversity of experience and skills gained as an Entrepreneur, combined with roles of Chief Executive Officer and Management Consultant over the past 20 years has led him to create Treptor.

He has hands-on experience in founding and growing start-up businesses. As a Corporate CEO and senior executive, he has held various roles leading and operating medium and large corporate businesses, focused on digital transformation and product and market development. As a Management Consultant, he held roles at global multinational firms leading growth and transformation programs.

The programs and services at Treptor leverage his extensive experience and insights, which are built into a propriety methodology that helps entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to create a new business or grow their existing business in the digital economy.

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