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Business Growth Program


Our Business Growth Program takes the form of a coaching or advisory program based on your needs. Both forms of the program are action-orientated and outcomes-driven which guide you in growing your business into the digital economy.


We work one on one with you on a program that is structured on the Treptor growth approach which comprises methodologies, tools, templates, coaching interventions, and much more. We structure the roadmap based on your unique circumstances, needs and growth aspirations.

Coaching or Advisory

Our Business Growth program is structured as a Coaching or an Advisory program.

The Coaching program is designed to guide and support you on your digital growth journey through regular interactions, curated to support the growth stage that you and your business are in.

The Advisory program is designed for us to work with you and your team, and for us to create and implement your digital growth journey to achieve the desired outcomes.

Methodology & Structure

We follow our business growth methodology, with tools, templates, guidelines and more to support your growth ambitions and deliver results.

Our Coaching methodology provides guidance and support to you and our Advisory methodology provides action and outcomes for achieving results.

We adapt the methodology based on your unique business circumstances, growth program scope and desired outcomes.


Treptor Business Growth Model

Take your business to the next level of its growth potential. Getting started is easy.

We chat to you better understand you, your business, your current state, your growth challenges and the growth aspirations you have for yourself and the business.

We develop a growth program based on the Treptor growth methodology, that is customized for you to achieve the business growth you aspire. The program will have clearly defined objectives, timeframes, commitments, etc. in order to provide a clear picture of what is expected.

We conduct a kick-off and onboarding session to commence the program and to get you and your team on the road to success.

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